About our Room

One of the most important resources ACM provides to students at and around the University of Minnesota is our club room: Keller Hall room 2-204. This space is configured to serve as a lounge and study area. Many ACM members spend a lot of their free time in this space: hanging out, working on projects, or chatting. Generally, the best way to get involved with the group beyond events is to spend time in/around the club room. If you're interested in getting more involved, drop by any time - people are usually around during most times of day during the year.

Open Houses are 16:00-18:00 on Thursdays in our club room, Keller 2-204. This is a low-key general-meeting-like time that is a great opportunity for people interested in learning more and joining to drop by.

Connect with us on Social Media, Discord, and Email.

What happens in the Room?

Between 8AM and 3PM you might find our members

After 3PM and on weekends you might find our members

There are no hard-and-fast rules on what activities are allowed when, but this is more-or-less representative. Some days the room lights might be off, some days the space might be taken over by a study group preparing for an upcoming final, and some days we might be watching Westworld at one in the morning.

We strive to make our room an inclusive and friendly space, so we don't allow racism, homophobia, or other hate speech at any time of day. There are a few other important rules posted around the space, and available in our constitution, bylaws, and rules.

Membership Benefits

In general, membership is not required to use the room if someone is already in there. However membership (and an active UMN UCard) is required for the following:

We'd like it (although we don't really enforce it) if you became a member to use the fridge.