Unix Class 4

October 12, 2023 — 18:00

(Posted on 2023-10-12)

Learn practical UNIX skills!

What is a UNIX, and how do I use it?

UNIX is a term that broadly encompasses a type of operating system and their associated tools. Linux, for example, is an operating system in the UNIX tradition. A majority of CSE Labs machines run a UNIX derivative. We'll teach you the basics of using UNIX systems, including the command line. This is super helpful for Computer Science classes.

What do I need to know before I attend virtually?

You should have a basic understanding of the shell and pipes, like you would get from unix class #1 and #3. If you missed unix class #2, that's fine! We won't be building off of that in this class.

What will be Covered in this class?

We will be covering customization of your Unix machine, from the shell to your desktop environment!

Where are the UNIX Classes?

Bruininks Hall 220