Unix Class 3

October 5, 2023 — 17:00

(Posted on 2023-10-05)

Learn practical UNIX skills!

What is a UNIX, and how do I use it?

UNIX is a term that broadly encompasses a type of operating system and their associated tools. Linux, for example, is an operating system in the UNIX tradition. A majority of CSE Labs machines run a UNIX derivative. We'll teach you the basics of using UNIX systems, including the command line. This is super helpful for Computer Science classes.

What do I need to know before I attend virtually?

You should have a basic understanding of the shell, like you would get from unix class #1. If you missed unix class #2, that's fine! We won't be building off of that in this class.

What will be Covered in this class?

We'll be learning about vim! A powerful terminal text editor chock-full of features that allow you to super-charge your text-editing workflow! We'll also show you how to exit it!

Where are the UNIX Classes?

Bruininks Hall 220