Capture the Flag

March 15, 2023 — 18:00-20:00

(Posted on 2023-03-15)

Dive into cybersecurity :)

What is this?

Learn how to "hack" with ACM's Capture the Flag event! You'll be put in a hypothetical scenario with a computer system to intrude. This computer system will contain protected information ("flags") that you acquire to earn points. Beginners welcome! We'll give you a crash course on the ins and outs. And provide pizza.

What do I need to know before I attend?

Nothing! Well, you'll need to know what a computer is, probably. And maybe how to SSH into CSE Labs.

Where is this?

Keller Hall 3-125. This physical event is just the kickoff, We'll keep the game server running long after the CTF is over. Don't fret if you won't be able to make it, but remember that we have free pizza!