Project Meeting 6

April 25, 2022 — 17:00

(Posted on 2022-04-25)

Finish building a cool eInk display with ACM!

Are you looking for a cool project to add to your resume? Do you want to learn new things, and end up with a cool piece of software that you made yourself at the end? Do you just want to eat pizza and work on an interesting project? Then you should come to the ACM project meetings! We'll get together and work on a cool project every week, and by the end, you'll have learned a lot, have some real world experience, and have a cool project to show for it! Some programming experience is required -- If you've taken freshman level computer science classes, that's enough! You'll learn everything else you need to know while working on the project.

What is this specific meeting for?

We will be continue working from where we left off in the last meeting, ideally finishing up all displays (transit, weather, rss, visualization) for the eInk display.

When will we be meeting?

April 18, at 5:00 PM (17:00)

Where will we be meeting?

Keller 2-204 (the ACM room!)