Software Design Competition with Caterpillar: Kickoff

October 30, 2020 — 5-6 PM

(Posted on 2020-10-30)

Test your skills at designing and implementing software! This is the kickoff of a 3-event series.


Email or message charile#6960 on discord to get caught up!

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Team Registration Form

Email us with questions: Join our discord for finding groups, discussion, or to ask us questions:


Email a mentor with relevant skills and they will respond with when they are available to meet. Also feel free to ask for help on the ACM Discord!

Guru Arumugam ( Architectural design, Problem Solving, Strong Programming skills around Python, Java and Cloud.

Charles Moonen ( Web development (particularly front end), Javascript, React. May also be able to help with Docker, Python (pallets, flask, jinja, etc.).

More mentors will be posted by Monday. In the mean time feel free to ask for help in Discord.

What is SDC?

The Software Design Competition, or SDC for short, is like a more realistic hackathon. Students are tasked with designing a piece of software to solve a problem. They then create a concept and prototype a solution to fit the requirements of the problem.

This year we have $1400 in prizes. (see below for details)

How does it work?

The competition is spread over two weeks (and one day). During the first week, competitors ideate and design their concept. Competitors can use the second week to implement a prototype of their idea. Everything comes together on the third Friday for final judging.

What do I need to participate?

Participation is absolutely free to any UMN student! All you need is a computer, some spunk, and a handful of good ideas.

When is SDC?

10-30-20 Design week kickoff
11-06-20 Design judging and Implementation week kickoff
11-13-20 Final judging & wrap-up
5 - 6 PM for all dates

Where is SDC?

ACM UMN is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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