Paperpals Meeting 1

October 27, 2020 — 5-6 PM

(Posted on 2020-10-27)

Read a paper, talk about it with fellow students! We will be reading "Parallel Nondeterministic Programming as a Language Extension to C".

What's this about?

Read the paper and talk about it with fellow students! This meeting is also featuring a special presentation from the first author! Please also bring suggestions for papers to read for the second meeting (November 17th).

What do i need to know beforehand?

Nothing! The paper should have some interesting concepts no matter how much you know about computer science. If you read it and aren't sure about something, that's fine! That's why there's a dicussion.

Where can i get the paper?

You can get the paper at htps://

Where is paper pals?

We will be having paper pals in the general voice channel on our discord.