2020-09-28 Newsletter

September 28, 2020

(Posted by mike on 2020-09-28)

Upcoming event announcements

Hello all,

Here are some of the events we have coming up in the near future:

UNIX Classes
Over the next few weeks we will be teaching four classes on the UNIX command line, covering a range of topics from the basics you'll need for your CSCI classes to some more advanced material in later meetings. The first class will be held on October 6th at 6pm and will cover shell basics.

Paper Pals
The first meeting of our academic paper reading group will be held on Tuesday, October 27th at 5pm. The paper we will be reading for this meeting is Parallel Nondeterministic Programming as a Language Extension to C. You can find a copy of this paper at No experience or advanced knowledge is necessary for this event, all skill levels are welcome. This meeting of Paper Pals will also feature a talk by the author of the paper.

Additional Events
You can find more details about these events and others at

Visit us at, and as always, you can reply to this email if you have any questions!

Our administrative meetings are held on Mondays at 5pm, and are open to all members who would like to get more involved. We also hold a general meeting/social hour over Discord voice on Tuesdays at 5pm.

You can join our Discord server here, and you can join our IRC at ircs://

Lots of love,
The ACM Officers