2019-10-14 Newsletter

October 14, 2019

(Posted by Charles on 2019-10-14)

Software Design Competition

Hello current and future members of the ACM Hivemind, Just wanted to let you all know that our annual Software Design Competition is coming up! The prompt will be announced this coming Monday, October 14th, at 6:30pm in Keller 3-230. You and your team will have a week to design your software, then the following Monday, October 21st at 6:30pm your design will be judged. After this you will have a week to implement your design, and on Monday October 28th your implementation will be judged and we will award prizes to the group with the highest combined score. If you have any questions at any point, feel free to reach out to any officer! We look forward to seeing you at the event and seeing what you'll create. Resistance is futile, ACM UMN

Visit us at or in Keller 2-204, and as always, you can reply to this email if you have any questions!

You can join our Discord server here:

P.S. You can join our IRC at: ircs://