2019-09-29 Newsletter

September 29, 2019

(Posted by Charles on 2019-09-29)

MinneHack Registration is Open!!

We at ACM UMN are already hard at work getting ready for MinneHack 2020 and we are pleased to announce that registration for MinneHack 2020 is finally open! If you have never heard of MinneHack before, MinneHack is a 24 hour hackathon where you get together in teams of up to 4 people and hack together a solution to a provided prompt in less than a day. We haven't picked out the prizes yet, but we do know that they will be pretty awesome (c:). And like all of our other events, its free!

Upcoming Events

Paper Reading Pals

Interested in reading academic papers, but not sure where to start? Join acm for a book club style event where we discuss a paper we've read! The first paper is Fundamental concepts in Programming Languages. Wednesday, Oct 2 at 7-9 PM

The paper is available at:

(You don't have to have read the whole paper to join in the discussion c;)

UNIX Class 4

New to UNIX? Join ACM UMN to learn about the operating system used on many of the CSE Labs machines. This week's topic: System Layout, Customization, some Advanced Topics, and Pizza. Thursday, Oct 3 at 6-7 PM

Visit us at or in Keller 2-204, and as always, you can reply to this email if you have any questions!

You can join our Discord server here:

P.S. You can join our IRC at: ircs://