2019-09-22 Newsletter

September 22, 2019

(Posted by Charles on 2019-09-22)

Interested In Helping out ACM?

We are always looking for help running events and the organization. If you are interested in being an officer or just helping out, please fill out this form:, or come talk to us in Keller 2-204.

Upcoming Events

UNIX Class 3: Pipes, Filters, Jobs, and Processes

New to UNIX? Join ACM UMN to learn about the operating system used on many of the CSE Labs machines. This week's topic: Pipes, Filters, Jobs, and Processes. Thursday 6-7 PM

ACM UMN Open House

Interested in ACM but havent checked us out yet? Or do you have a friend that may be interested in ACM? Come down to the basement of Keller (2-204) for our open house this Thursday from 1-3 PM! Learn how to get involved in ACM or just have a good time chatting with with us. c;

Visit us at or in Keller 2-204, and as always, you can reply to this email if you have any questions!

You can join our Discord server here:

P.S. You can join our IRC at: ircs://