2023-09-29 Meeting

September 29, 2023

(Posted on 2023-09-29)

2023-09-29 Meeting

Start Time: 18:13 End Time:


Previous TODOs

Jaz [ ] List of who to talk to (prior sponsors, new sponsors) (with Autumn)

Riley [ ] Update Minnehack site for 2024

Riley + Nadia [ ] Continue on opening MH registration

Autumn [X] Get me SSF-funded room reservation receipts [ ] Train Jaz on PCard usage [X] Teach Iris Epurch [X] Power outlet email

Alice [X] Send email for membership payment form

All [ ] Use the ACM Great Society for tasks - assign deadline + person for each [X] complete door access section of

Meeting Topics

excessive personal / unused communal possessions

keep the 2024 ledger up to date

pizza provider switch

split officer meeting maybe

ACM national report

student registration

unix class 3 pr

anything to discuss on trello board?