Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19 and The University of Minnesota's closure of campus, ACM UMN has cancelled all in-person events and meetings, and will be temporarily suspending member access to our group's room. Some events will be transitioned to an online format. For any updates, please join our mailing list at In the event you need to access the ACM room for any reason, please contact an officer via email -- To stay connected please join our Discord ( 😃. These policy changes will be in effect immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.

We expect ACM hosted service offerings (IRC, Mumble, Minecraft, member hosting...) to remain up and the Systems Committee will do our best to enable this, but this is not guaranteed (we're riding it out too.) Consider alternatives in case ACM, CSE-IT or University networking has outages.


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Club officer contact/mailing list: (This is the preferred contact for club business.)


Position Person UMN Email
President Charles Moonen
Vice President Mike McPherson
Treasurer Cole Greenlee
Treasurer Kelton O'Brien
Systems Admin Hemant Gouni
Webmaster Andrew Pan
Knit Witch Helen Larson
Pirate King Isai Ortiz
Faculty Advisor Shana Watters